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My Family Support Services - the leading provider of NDIS services.

About My Family Support Services


My Family Support Services Pty Ltd is committed with the support of its people to providing a safe, flexible, supportive and productive work environment that is fair and favourable to all parties. My Family Support Services Pty Ltd places utmost importance in maintaining the highest possible ethical behavior in all its dealings with clients, Employees / Workers, subcontractors, suppliers, competitors and the general public. This can only happen when everyone cooperates and agrees to suitable standards of conduct.


With having gained over 30 years’ experience and having our own families with disabilities, we understand the challenges, struggles and fears families have for their loved ones daily. We support not only those living their lives with challenges but also their support team through the difficult times, the agonies and at times worries.


Our team at My Family Support Services have worked for some of the “larger” service providers, that we felt failed to stand up to their own core values, mission statement and vision. We understand why you have at times felt like you are just a number and isolated in making choices that is best for you and your family. That is why I decided to become a service provider myself, to provide a service  beyond what is currently on offer to clients.


Our goal is to be there for your loved one to support them with their individual needs, when you can no longer be there or simply need a break. Together we set realistic goals and build a strong support plan that will enrich the lives for all stakeholders. We support you to have the freedom of choice and support your strengths as well as.


Our highly qualified team come from diverse backgrounds, from mental health, Autism, Intellectual disabilities as well as homelessness. Our team undertake regular training, and development courses to obtain the knowledge to work closely with you and all stakeholders

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